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Collaboration at its Finest...Goodbye Google Docs and SharePoint

Are you frustrated with the complexity of SharePoint and format/revision limitations of Google Docs. Well, look no further. Check out our video on the Real-Time Collaborative Web Editor for GreenLight FileSync. In addition to securely syncing files, you can also collaborate live with your employees, vendors and customers.

Let's assume your an Escrow company/agent and one of your real estate agents has just closed a deal on a property. You need to coordinate the flow of documents and funds keeping all parties informed of the progress of the escrow. This is a very involved task and speed and efficiency are high priority. Lets take an example of documents that may need to be sent off to their respective parties (i.e. Inspection, Lending, Title). These docs are typically sent off by secure email or fax and the receiving party must review and sign-off. If there are errors in the docs, then there is correspondence back and forth (usually secure e-mail) until the corrections are made and all parties are in agreement. Doesn't lend itself to be very time efficient and can delay the closing of Escrow. Is there a more efficient way? Absolutely! With Real-Time Collaborative Web Editor (RTCWE), you can get the lender, title company or inspector on the phone and go over the docs in real-time, make the necessary changes, agree on the final docs and save it. RTCWE is such a productivity time saver and GreenLight Consulting Services is proud to offer it as an enhancement to its already successful GreenLight FileSync offering and it doesn't cost any extra.

This is just one of many examples where Real-Time Collaborative Web Editor can maximize productivity and efficiency for your company.

For a no-risk trial, please contact Gio at (951) 696-9191 x103, email:

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