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Service Offerings

Below is a  description of our service offerings. We offer complete and hybrid packages to meet all your companies business requirements.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Whether your a standalone office or a multi-location facility, we provide strategic connectivity solutions to maximize productivity while keeping your data and environment safe.

Data Backup Solutions

With today's threats via virus or malware, backing up your data has never been more critical. The "best practice" security practice is the 3-2-1 backup strategy. The 3-2-1 strategy means having at least 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different mediums (i.e. devices), and at least 1 copy offsite. These backup layers insure that your data is safe and protected in ANY catastrophic event.

Remote Monitoring  (RMM)

We offer a complete and thorough remote monitoring and management solution (RMM) to pro-actively catch device failures before they become catastrophic ones. 

Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

Protecting your data goes well beyond just backing it up, which is necessary. With new viruses and malware being released daily, even hourly, it's important to secure your computing environment with proven products with support that stays ahead of the ongoing threats and new strains being released. GreenLight Consulting Services provides both cloud managed and on-premise solutions.


It's all about the cost of real estate these days. The days of having many physical servers are gone. Having the computing power, storage and redundancy in a space no larger than your home stereo receiver. Within the small form factor (aka Hyper-converged) you can run many virtualized servers and/or desktops. Sounds too good to be true.  The fact is, it's not.

DR Planning / PCI Compliance

Whether your a financial institution, Insurance, manufacturing or real estate, we all have commitments and regulation to protect our clients. Ask yourself how safe you feel your data is protected.  Are you following PCI compliancey? Are you ready for that next disaster to strike? If you are unsure, then you are probably not.  Let and experienced member of GreenLight Consulting Services plan out a proactive approach to mitigate outages and security risks.

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