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GreenLight Consulting Services, Inc.

GreenLight Consulting Services has an experienced staff with over 40 years in the IT industry.  Based in the greater Los Angeles area, we've been assisting small to enterprise businesses with solutions that streamline their business processes.

We differ from our competitors based on the amount of experience we bring to the table and results of successful solutions we've provided.  At GreenLight Consulting Services, we don't do a lot of advertising because we pride ourselves on "Word of Mouth" referrals. Our customers tell our story and we'll leave it at that. 

The founder of GreenLight Consulting Services goes back to the mainframe days long before Apple and Microsoft existed and were still developing in someone's garage. We don't go back as far as the invention of the Abacus, but close. All joking aside, we take our customer relationships very seriously. We put ourselves in your shoes and take the time to understand your business and workflow. Our founder came up with the tagline "We put the GO in your workflow" because that's what we do.  We maximize your productivity thorough technology.

There is nothing in the technology realm that we can't assist you with. If there is an offering that's not listed on our site, please call us and inquire.  It we don't do it, we partner with great companies that do.


Giovanni Stefani

Founder / CEO

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